We got to know Andy Laird as one half of an established Pix Design client, Nunu Chocolates. But he’s not just a chocolatier, he’s also a talented singer/songwriter. For Andy’s most recent album, “Portrait of 4 AM,” we designed the CD packaging and a promotional website. Before sitting down to work, Andy had one interesting request: he wanted fans to be able to interact with his CD’s packaging.

We responded with dual purpose packaging. Not only does it hold Andy’s CD, it also can be used as a picture frame. With a cover insert displaying Polaroids of Andy at work and a pop-out easel on the back, fans can swap Andy’s shots for their own and use the CD/picture frame to display them. Sound interesting? Order his CD online or at Nunu Chocolates’s Brooklyn store—who knows, maybe you’ll get a surprise serenade by Andy himself.

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