Posted on: February 3, 2010

File Under: New Work


We deal with a lot of jewelry clients, each with a unique product and point of view. It’s exciting to express that point of view for every client. However, we were especially thrilled when we were approached by Nicholas Varney to design his website. His larger-than-life personality is something that translates into his jewelry, and even that might be putting it lightly.

With pieces that should be hanging in a museum rather than on earlobes, Nicholas creates masterpieces that take inspiration from nature. He has the power to transform the mundane crawfish (or any other little critter) into an exorbitant and bejeweled sculpture. His idiosyncratic approach to jewelry design was an easy source of inspiration for us. Taking cues from his conceptual sketches, which are beautiful in their own right, we created a website design that captured the process of his beautiful work. We took his artistic craftsmanship and little organic pieces of art and injected it with some very modern web technologies to create a site that was highly charming and functional.

The entire site is built with a Content Management System (CMS) which allows for easy updating. It offers another advantage we have been dying to use. Nicholas can assign customers like Bergdorf Goodman a login to his site so they can see a special inventory list not available to the rest of the viewing audience. So the site not only acts as a beautiful gallery of his portfolio, but as a practical business tool as well.

Click Here to view the new Nicholas Varney site.