Posted on: November 21, 2009

File Under: At The Office

Last Friday I started making my sandwich to bring to work. Just one of my many activities in my day-to-day routine. As I pulled out the loaf of bread I stopped myself. It was my birthday and I thought that maybe we’d order in from my favorite take-out place, a perk usually reserved for such occasions. When I showed up to work I was informed to be finished with anything I was working on by noon and we were all going out.

I thought it was a nice change and sure beats Taco Bandito. I was a little skeptical, however, when we walked into Port Authority. A place not known for it’s fine cuisine. It turns out we were going to Leisure Time Bowl which happens to be a lot nicer than you would expect from a bowling alley in Port Authority. A little tacky, but clean and nice, nonetheless. Leather sofas in the lounge area, a shiny, well stocked bar in the center. When we sat down at our lane a young Russian girl greeted us and offered a beer tower. Like I said, nice, but a little tacky.

All in all it was a very pleasant surprise for an otherwise normal workday. Surprises are something of a specialty for Val; whether it’s jumping out from behind a pole on the street or a birthday trip to a bowling alley in the middle of the day. It turns out she had one more surprise for us—the high score with a wicked curve and perfect form.