Posted on: December 7, 2010

File Under: New Work


Union Market expanded their line of private-label products to include several new varieties of coffee. Most of the flavors – available in decaf, whole bean or ground – reflect the different neighborhood subcultures found around Union Market's home turf in Brooklyn. We must say our personal favorite is the “Williamsburg Blend,” which sports a Hasid and a hipster side by side. We knew it might ruffle a few tzitzit. Tell us what you think about the new range of coffees—both the packaging and the brew.

One of Union Market’s other private-label blends, by the way, is a cinnamon-spiked concoction named “Sticky Buns,” with no neighborhood affiliation. We’ll leave you to imagine how we’ve designed the label for that one. Better yet, go pick up a pound of it at Union Market and see for yourself.

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